Is Your Dog Allergic?

Is your dog itchy?
Do you or someone you know have a dog who is scratching a lot or licking their paws? When humans have an allergic reaction, we mostly sneeze and wheeze but dogs have a skin reaction and get itchy.  Is the trigger in the house, outdoors or is it a sensitivity to food ingredients? To get answers and find practical ways to help your dog right now, check out a new page on the "Because of Buddy" website called Is My Dog Allergic? What Can I Do
The website also features information on how to choose a
dog food wisely and other great tips.  
 Please share and spread the word so that more dogs
who are suffering can be helped! 
Thank you. is dedicated to helping people whose dogs are suffering from itchy skin and paws, hot spots, fur loss, yeast issues and allergies.
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