International Customers

7 Main Points for International Orders
1. Check your local Customs Office to see if you have to pay a "Duty or Import Tax" from USA - If applicable, the payment of any "Duty or Import Taxes" are your responsibility 

2. We will pay 1/2 your shipping cost, if your order is $150+, after any discounts - Average shipping cost for an order less than $125.00 is $14.00 to $24.00

3. International Shipping cost shown at web site Check-Out is approximate (usually much lower than the cost shown). Shipping cost will be adjusted, if less.  We will refund the difference if over $3.00

4. Approx. Shipping Date of your order is shown at top of shopping cart check-out page

5. Order Delivery is approx. 10 to 14 days from shipping date, could be longer depending on how busy it is in customs 

6.  Back Orders - If an item is back ordered - we can either issue a refund or include back order(s) with your next order.  Choice is yours.

7.  Damaged Products - If an item is damaged - we can either issue a refund or include damaged product(s) with your next order.  Choice is yours.

If a parcel is returned because of non-payment of duty tax or any other reason, the credit back to the credit card will be minus the round trip Shipping Charges. Refund will be issued after the order is returned to sender. 

We cannot guarantee delivery times for any international orders.  We can only give you an estimated time of arrival. You'll receive a USPS Tracking Number when your order is mailed.

Most international orders take 10 to 14 Business Days to arrive, sometimes longer depending on how busy customs officials are at the time order arrives in your country.

Free Delivery does not apply to International Orders.

If you have any issues with shopping cart check-out or questions about your order  Click Mail Box:   or email